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Company trip

Company trip [date] On May 20, 2017, Baoje had its annual company trip. We want to thank all of our colleagues for their work and effort, and all the different departments for always helping into reaching the company’s annual goals. In order to show them how we value them, we [...]

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Suntools at the Metalloobrabotka

Suntools at the Metalloobrabotka [date] Metalloobrabotka is the biggest machining exhibition in Russia. Every year, this exhibition is held in Moscow at the ZAO Expocentre Krasnaya Presnya, one of the top ten trading centers in the world. Participants from 33 different countries attend this exhibition. Among them, 66% come to [...]

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CTMS: JuzFong displays Baoje tools (Booth A225)

The Commercial Times Automatic Machinery Exhibition was held in Tainan [date] Commercial Exhibition Center. Cincom Miyano Taiwan’s southern distributor, JuzFong exhibited CITIZEN and MIYANO’s newest multi-tasking turning CNC machine. They also exhibited some one-arm automated robots, providing customers more acquisitions options. During that exhibition, Cincom Miyano Taiwan presented its newest [...]

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Baoje’s official distributor Suntools: St Petersburg Technical Fair

Baoje’s official distributor Suntools: St Petersburg Technical Fair [date] St Petersburg Technical Fair was held in March 2017. This annual Russian machining exhibition in St Petersburg has more than 200 members from 20 different regions. About 11 countries take part in exhibiting their products and equipments: Germany, The Czech Republic, India, [...]

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Baoje assembly of multi-axis CNC machine-Increase in production capacity

Baoje assembly of multi-axis CNC machine-Increase in production capacity [date] We thank our customer for their loyalty and support. In order to shorten delivery and provide more products and better service, we decided to assemble multi-axis CNC machines that will help in the expansion of production. Since 2007, Baoje has been [...]

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Suntools (Russia) visits Baoje

Suntools (Russia) visits Baoje [date] At the 2016 TMTS exhibition, we had the chance to meet Suntools, a very strong and effective team, not only trustworthy in the technology field but also in marketing, sales and after-sales services. They have several years of experience in the CNC machining industry and are able [...]

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Baoje’s participation in 2016 TMTS (Booth Number: 1B626)

Taiwan International Machine Tool Show (TMTS) Nov 23,2016 Following the JIMTOF in Tokyo, Japan's Japan International Machine Tool Fair, the first TMTS has been successful in attracting international buyers in JIMTOF to come to Taiwan to visit the TMTS exhibition, thus pouring a considerable purchase order from Taiwan. Taiwan has always been [...]

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ISO 9001:2015 Certification

ISO 9001:2015 Certification [date] Baoje already passed the ISO 9001:2008 certification in the CNC machining field. ISO 9001 certification helps in the improvement of business management going from practical work and after-sales service to suppliers and distributors. Having a ISO 9001 certification helps establish a sound quality management system. With a [...]

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Baoje Introduction

Baoje Introduction [date] Baoje was founded in 1984. At that time, the general manager, Mr. Wang, discovered that CNC precision machining was a very promising industry that could help meet the expectations related to the industry. Those tools can be used in 3C, aerospace, medical parts, car and motorbike parts etc… [...]

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Baoje tool change process

Baoje tool change process [date] CNC machining industry needs operators on site to continually monitor that manufacturing process is normal. Also, on a periodic basis, each CNC machine needs to go through some tests including machining conditions, workpieces’ size measurement, confirmation of production rate, workpieces quality and tools lifetime. Higher quality [...]

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