47° Turning Tool type U659-7P11

»»47° Turning Tool type U659-7P11

47° Turning Tool type U659-7P11

Tool type: 47° Turning Tool | Ø Shaft (d): 6mm | Length cutting edge (l1): 41mm | Corner radius (R): 0.1mm | Coating: TiN | Point angles: 47° | Chip breaker: flat | Position of the clamping surface: 0° | Min. bore Ø: 6.2mm | Cutting Edge Ø (F): 5.9mm | Cutting width (W): 0.5mm | Clearance (H): 1.2mm | Max. Turning length (xF): 7xF |
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Tool no.U659-7P11

Feed Fz and cutting speed Vc

P1 Steel < 500 N/mm²0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
60-120 m/min
P2 Steel 500-700 N/mm²0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
60-100 m/min
P3 Steel 600-800 N/mm²0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
70-120 m/min
M2 Stainless steel < 750 N/mm²0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
50-80 m/min
M3 Stainless steel < 850 N/mm²0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
50-80 m/min
M4 Stainless steel < 950 N/mm²0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
50-80 m/min
N1 Aluminium alloys ≤ 12% Si0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
100-150 m/min
N2 Aluminium alloys > 12% Si0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
100-150 m/min
N4 Bronze and brass0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
100-150 m/min
H1 Hardened steel 35-45 HRC0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
50-80 m/min
H3 Hardened steel 52-62 HRC0.03-0.08 mm/min⁻¹
50-80 m/min

Technical data

Tool type47° Turning Tool
Ø Shaft (d)6mm
Length cutting edge (l1)41mm
Length effective (l2)
Corner radius (R)0.1mm
Point angles47°
Chip breakerflat
Position of the clamping surface
Min. bore Ø6.2mm
Cutting Edge Ø (F)5.9mm
Offset from tool center (FC)2.9mm
Lenght (Y)3mm
Cutting width (W)0.5mm
Clearance (H)1.2mm
Max. Turning length (xF)7xF